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Commercial Insurance

Consider for a moment your business insurance coverage.  Is your current policy providing you the correct coverage?  Is the cost in line with the market?   If you are like most business owners, you often ask yourself  “am I getting my dollars worth?”

Business Liability Insurance – Your company provides customers with high quality service and products. Unfortunately you receive a call from a customer reporting a slip and fall on your business premises or some sort of failure of your completed work on a job site.  Maybe there are  injuries and/or property damaged.   Your mind races, “is my business insurance going to protect me from the cost of this event or the possible law suit?”  With a well crafted liability policy from John Philip Insurance you can feel assured you are covered. 

Business Property Insurance – You have a significant investment in your building and/or your office equipment, tools, machinery and inventory.  Imagine for a moment you receive a call from the police or fire department late at night.  You learn your business is on fire and the damage is heavy.  You may think, “are any of my people hurt?” or “do I have enough insurance to replace what has been destroyed?”  Having the correct policy is vital to the well being of your business.

Business Auto Insurance – You or one of your employees have been involved in an accident while driving your company vehicle.  There are serious injuries in the other vehicle which will most likely result in high medical bills and probably a large lawsuit.   You ask yourself, “do I have enough coverage to protect me against these injuries and a possible law suit?”   Contact John Philip Insurance and discuss an affordable insurance policy to fit your exact needs.

Workers Compensation Insurance – Protect yourself and your company by insuring your employees with Workers Compensation insurance.  Don’t get caught believing you are ok in the eyes of the law when referring to an employee as a “1099” sub-contractor.  A person is classified as a company employee at such time as the employer controls what time and where the employee is to report for work each day.  Having an injured employee who is not covered by workers compensation insurance could very well lead that person to becoming your dependant for life.   John Philip Insurance is prepared to craft the correct policy for you.

Business Life Insurance – The sudden or untimely death of a business owner or partner can be devistating to a business, the surviving partner, and the surviving family members.  In fact, the surviving family members of the deceased partner may now become the new partners in the buisness.  If this a concern or you would like to know more about it contact John Philip Insurance.  John is prepared to craft the correct insurance plan to fund a business buy-sell agreement.  One which will establish the orderly transfer business assets to the surviving partner while providing cash to pay the heirs of the deceased partner.  Call John Philip for an appointment to discuss the details. 

These are but a few of the many known risks facing you and your business operation every day. With over 3 decades of experience protecting thousands of businessowners, the professionals at John Philip Insurance take the time to personally discuss your individual needs with you.  We offer a full range of business insurance products so you can be confident we will meet your every business insurance need.

Let John Philip Insurance provide you with a Second Opinion on your business insurance needs. You’ll feel good having the peace of mind which comes from having a properly crafted insurance plan.

Please contact us by phone or text at 410-838-5295 or @philipj@nationwide.com via email.  We look forward to the opportunity to earn your business and trust!

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